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Vocational Education & Training
Kind Heart Relieve provides orphans and vulnerable children with education, nutrition, health care and spiritual welfare are geared towards street children. 
We also provide extended support to child-headed households and families headed by a single HIV-positive parent. Other services involve administrative
efforts that go towards sponsorship, event management and awareness. Volunteering forms a critical part of our success and our volunteer coordination
team helps us keep in touch, providing information and assistance  to volunteers and interested people around the world.
At Kind Heart Relieve, education is a key component in the rehabilitation process. Our motto is ‘education is the key. Every child is given an opportunity to
attend school either to learn how to read and write or to pursue their dream of joining higher institutions of learning.
Mentering/spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community and not  the child too through regular Bible training and encouragement through the local
church and Kind Heart Relieve staff and volunteers.
It takes a big heart to serve children - especially the most vulnerable children. Over the years, we have received teams and individuals from Uganda and
across the world, that have given their time, money, love, and skills as volunteers at Kind Heart Relieve.
We guarantee you a rewarding volunteer experience with us. With technology advancements, you don’t have to be in Uganda to be a volunteer. Wherever
you are around the world, you can join the big team of people that are working to make a difference in the lives of the children through our Office . All you
need is internet access.
Whatever your skills and passions, we have a place for you. You can E-Mail us