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Thank you to our donors who enable us to provide better opportunities for these Ugandan children.
Life expectancy at birth is 58.7

Source: Unicef More info
Almost 7 children in 100 don't live to see their 5th birthday

Source: Unicef More info
1 in 25 children don't live to see their 1st birthday

Source: Unicef More info
There are 1 million children orphaned by AIDS

Source: Unicef More info
But there is good news.  The under 5 mortality rate has halved since 2000, so progress is being made.

Source: Unicef More info
Facts about Uganda
57% of the child population in Uganda live in poverty.  That is 3.7 million children.

Source: Economic Policy Research Centre More info
Over 55% of the population is under 18, and there is a total population of 36.3 million people

Source: Unicef More info