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About Us

Kind Heart Relieve (K.H.R) is a Christian Voluntary, Non – Profit making  Organization (NPO), It was founded to improve the lives of the
children, youth, women and elderly people through responding to care concerns for the careers, supporting, change livelihoods and
development of under privileged children and their families in the community. Making a lasting impact in their future by educating them and
providing basic necessities to develop a better future. This project is highly committed to serving the children, youth, as well as their
parents and guardians.
Kind Heart Relieve has been founded to help and mend the broken! 
K.H.R will integrate a faith based approach rooted in the Holy Scriptures in order to appeal to the biggest number of people in our
communities who profess faith but at the same time, all people will be served without discrimination.
KIND HEART RELIEVE registration number is : 80020000986538


Mending the future
of the Ugandan child


To develop self-sustaining citizens and also to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable and orphans children through more effective and efficient promotion of better livelihood.


Inspired and motivated by love to serve the vulnerable society


 1. To support orphans and vulnerable children to attain formal education through provision of scholastic materials.

       2. To support orphans and vulnerable children to access vocational training and other skills to enable them   face the challenges caused
            by HIV/AIDS.

       3. Provide care and support for children, households/guardians living with HIV/AIDS.

        4. Provide psycho-social support through counseling and guidance to OVC and PLWA in order to reduce the multiplication of the
            HIV/AIDS epidemic.

        5. To promote the moral and spiritual integrity and values in the community.

        6. Organize workshops and seminars to sensitize the community on HIV/AIDS care and support.

        7. Environment protection through building spring wells, tree planting, etc.


At Kind Heart Relieve, we constantly strive to observe and incorporate these values into our daily work.

Prayer: We value prayer and it is at the centre of all our activities and achievements.

Team work: We value team work because each one is talented to play a complimentary role to achieve our.


We value the high quality that characterizes every thing we do.
Innovation and Flexibility: We value innovation because it encourages our staff to expand their thinking in a flexible manner, enabling  them to understand life’s dynamic potential.
Integrity: We value being honest in whatever we do.
Loving:  We value offering services with Christian love.
Good communication: We value open, effective and respectful communication.
High moral standards: We value Christian behavior amongst staff and beneficiaries.
Transparency: We value being open and accountable to people.
Professionalism: We value skill, competence, character, training and high standards of services.