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Founder's History


My name is Ssenfuka Hannington Williberfoce; The Founder of KIND HEART RELIEVE, Non-Profit Children Charity. (KHR)
I was Born on 29th September 1983. I am an Orphan with only Younger Brother called Edward Mubiru.

This is my story…

As a small child I loved to care for other children so much. Every day I would love to play, Share my everything with my fellow children at our Village and even at school. But despite of all my family was too poor. My Father died of HIV/AIDS when I was 9 years old and left us alone with our mother, with no one to help. Our mother had no money to take us to school and to feed us. Every day life was a mess.
Every time I remember how our father used to look after us despite of him having little money, May his soul Rest in peace.
The next year; We went to our uncle, he was also poor with a big family and life there wasn’t changed, we got mistreated instead then we ran away to streets.

While at Streets life was so disgusting, No hope to Food, No more School, No shelter, everything there was “NO”
This marked the beginning of another life story full of suffering like an orphan and vulnerable child. Following this life experience, I realized that all I went through was a base line training of giving back hope, love and care to children and people in similar life experiences. The dream of helping orphans kept burning inside my heart for years.

One day around the village some gospel preacher came and organized a big Crusade, they preached in our community, me and my brother were there listening but our intentions were to get something to Eat not Gospel,
The next day of the crusade the woman preached from MATTHEW 25:35; For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, this touched me and I asked my brother have you heard that? He answered no. Reading the Bible for the first time in my life taught me truth about God.

In June 2011, I started helping two boys who were street children back to school, and during which I met Mr. Schoedel .T. from California and I shared my vision with him this led to the birth of Kind Heart Relieve Ministries which today serves orphans, vulnerable children, poor families and communities in the Central and Eastern part of Uganda.
My first work was to gather the Orphaned and Abandoned children at village encouraging them and giving them Hope through words. Then using the little money, I had to buy them something to Eat, when God is in you nothing is impossible, God put songs back into the hearts of the children and they accepted to leave with me despite of our poor situation.
Since then, with the support from you and our nearby village people, children are able to get something to Eat, to dress up and sleep under a roof not at the streets. Glory to the Lord.

We Still have long way to go; we need to buy our own land to be able;
1. To build our own Charity home to accommodate more needy children,
2. To build our own School to educate more needy children who aren’t in position to afford school fees on their own.
3. To Grow own our own Crops to stop Hunger.
Upon graduation, they attend vocational college to learn skills in tailoring, computers, building, carpentry, animal husbandry or agriculture. Many talents are within these kids
“When they grow into functioning human beings, we are trying next generation not orphans!”
Every single human being deserves a chance to leave a good life. Each child is entitled to food, water, medicine and education.